About Zurbank

Collaborative Value

Zurbank is a value innovation initiative for Blockchain to create a next generation series of financial protocols designed to solve tomorrow's economic problems. Zurbank collaborates with a wide range of engineers from one of the world's oldest proof-of-work Blockchains through to an up-and-coming Proof-of-Stake Blockchain design group in Europe through to a leading exchange platform designer and operator based in India onto a host of similarly diverse but exceptionally talented Blockchain and financial technology innovators. Our mission is to create the first value-enhanced Blockchain-based digital currency and virtual asset products in the world. It's that simple. 

Innovative Landmarks

We have achieved a number of "Blockchain firsts". These include designing the first ever value-based Blockchain protocol (Proof-of-Value), designing and deploying the first and most widely recognised digital notes, synthetically-mined tokens and synthetic masternodes. One of our partners has recently succeeded in fixing the  Proof-of-Stake "Fake-Stake" problem for POS chains while another has built an exchange software to achieve virtualisation of any traded asset at 100,000 transactions-per-second, the world's fastest trading algorithms for digital assets to date.