Recentralised Value

Introducing The World's First Virtual Asset Exchange

Imagine an exchange where you are the issuer. There is no need to ever bring a single Bitcoin to the exchange. There is no requirement for you to have the Bitcoins you issue (although if called on them you will need them). You can run your own personal trading room exactly the same way every single cryptocurrency exchange does. Now that is disruptive. 

But it doesn't end there. Imagine that instead of merely trading crypto against crypto, you could trade shares, gold, crypto, fiat, even coal ... all against each other. Sound pretty innovative so far? That is Zurbank.

Zurbank opens in about the second quarter of 2019, and revolves around a single unit of virtual value called BANK. You can either buy BANK by using any of the four Zur-based currencies currently in issue today (Zurcoin, ZurShares, ZurMoney or ZurCash) or you can earn it too by successfully redeeming customers after issuing different products on the Zurbank platform. For issuers who cannot redeem their customers, their accounts may sometimes fall into negative balances wherein their assets will be frozen until the balance is brought back into the black.

Because Zurbank exchange revolves around BANK, which is a virtual unit of value, in the event an issuer cannot repay the unit of currency that he has issued, the customer will receive the market price equivalent of whatever asset was traded in or the amount invested, whatever is higher, back in BANK on such an occasion. This unique and unprecedented feature insures every customer on Zurbank's recentralised exchange against fraud, forever after preventing another asset default crisis such as that of Mt. Gox.

Zurbank is the most futuristic 360-degree virtual asset trading platform in the world. Keep checking back for more in the weeks to follow.

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We will shortly be putting up information and documentation about Zurbank. Keep checking back. You will need to KYC to issue assets on Zurbank. However, there is no limit on the assets that you can issue at any one time and Zurbank is 100% free-market regulated.